Survey Execution Process

No two surveys are the same and every client’s needs are unique. Each new survey begins with a discussion about the objectives, project goals, expectations, and requirements.

1. Questionnaire Design:  Whether you are in the early stages of planning or have a fully developed question set, we review your objectives and assist in turning your ideas into a comprehensive questionnaire..

2. Survey Programming+Hosting:  We take your questionnaire and program it as an online survey. Your survey can be custom-branded to match the look and feel of an existing brand, theme, or color scheme. If you do not wish to brand your survey, we can provide a survey with a professional look and feel. If your survey requires advanced logic or customizations our expert programmers will work with you to customize your survey as desired. All of our surveys are designed to be secure, modern, and mobile-optimized.  We do NOT charge per complete/response.  We offer a fixed price for all programming.

3. List/Sample Management: We handle all of the project management during the data collection period, whether it is working with sample providers, working with your customer list (cleaning it and emailing it out) or any other methods we determine work best for gathering responses.

4. Data Management: We clean the data, provide on-demand updates and summaries, and can weight the data in a variety of ways to match demographics or other variables necessary to guarantee a representative sample.  Additionally, we can categorize/code open-ended responses into response buckets to allow for a tighter look at verbatims.

5. Tabulations+Cross-tabulations:  We take the data and create custom set of frequencies, averages, listings and cross-tabulations.  We create new variables and develop tables that help make more sense of your data and are available for ad-hoc custom requests for as long as you need them.  We can also help identify key drivers of overall satisfaction through step-wise regression, which is especially important in employee and customer satisfaction surveys.

6. Graphical Summary:  We can take the tabulations and create a modern looking summary in graphical format in Excel, Powerpoint, Word or other desired programs.

7. Report writing:  If you need help making sense of the results, we’re available to summarize the findings.

8. Advanced statistical analysis:   We can work with our partners for other statistical analysis work  – such as segmentation.

We can help you with everything in 1-8 but we’re also happy to take on any single task you might need in a la carte fashion.  Our most typical project; our core competency, is the survey execution process outlined in 2-5 above.

Throughout the process we communicate industry best-practices and make recommendations based on our vast experience and expertise. Our goal is to deliver the custom solutions at a cost-effective price and performed in a timely manner.