About Us / What We Do

BRX is known industry-wide for its ability to tackle the toughest assignments and one of Rochester’s oldest and best known marketing research firms. Founded in 1986 by Jeff Gutenberg, Ph.D., as a full-service market research company, BRX has an impressive and diverse client list. We don’t advertise nor do we have a sales force. Our many of satisfied customers get the word out about us.

When you need answers and marketing information to help you make smart decisions, BRX hits the ground running.  Our reputation for being flexible, responsive and personable means you can bring your biggest challenges to BRX.  We’ll deal with them quickly, effectively and affordably.

First, we’ll work with you to understand your marketing objectives.  Then we’ll design a research study to get you the information you need.  After that, we’ll collect accurate data to perform an in-depth analysis that answers your questions.  When we’re done, you’ll have reliable market information you can use to make well-advised decisions about your product or service, whom to target, how much to charge, etc. Ultimately, improved marketing decisions that lead to tangible results.

We’re a full service marketing research firm, meaning we can do it all, from designing a project to preparing questionnaires to conducting interviews to analyzing results.

We’ve conducted hundreds of surveys and focus groups, using a wide variety of data collection methodologies, including online as well as more traditional methods.

Some of our accomplishments include:

  • Helping an internationally known printer conduct its biggest beta test ever
  • Managing the research that led to the selection of Rochester’s community slogan
  • Conducting a sophisticated analysis that helped a leading health insurer develop a product that dominated its market
  • Receiving numerous citations for our volunteer services to the Rochester community (e.g. Coalition for the Prevention of Lead Poisoning)
  • Designing and managing a customer satisfaction measurement program for a Fortune 500 company that ran for 20 years

We’ve been added as a referral partner for such vendors as Survey Gizmo:  http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/friends-of-surveygizmo-referral-program